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This Fall Jake stars with fellow New Englander's Claire Ghert- Mott and Katie Locke O’Brien in the Boston centric comedy series The HUB. The show follows two Best Friends with Small-Town Pride and Big-Time Dreams.

The Lady Killers | IMDB

Catch Jake doling out ass whoopins' in the dark comedy The Ladykillers. The feature will be in theaters early 2015. The film stars Jamie Kaler, Peter Shinkoda and Alexandra Baretto

Of Fortune and Gold | IMDB

Jake will begin principal photography this fall on his latest feature Of Fortune and Gold. The dark comedy begs the question: is gold what's really missing in their lives? It will be in theaters late 2015.


Playing a down and out principal, Jake finally has had enough in this dark TV comedy Public. Director by Sean Patrick

Jake Starring in Theatrical Production "The Foreigner"! | Closed

The Meek's lodge is closed and Jake would like to thank friends, family and the Los Angeles theater community for their support of The Foreigner. The show was a smash hit! Jake is grateful for his fantastic cast mates, crew at the Crown Theater and Dir. Joanne Mcgee.use postcard at the bottom of email on signature.

"Jake gives the wild eyed and almost intensely unpredictable performance... (he) will make you dislike him like no other antagonist before. Trust me, you’ll hysterically love disliking Jacob a lot!" -NoHo Arts District

"A terrific Head easily convinces us that he’s the local high school’s sexy quarterback gone evil post graduation" -Stage Scene LA

Jake is part of "A superb ensemble of actors" -Broadway World

“Nick Swardson Show” | Facebook

Jake scored multiple episodes on the premiere season of Pretend Time with Nick Swardson Show. Jake had worked on previous projects with Nick and is very excited to be a part of his new endeavor which aired a full season on Comedy Central earlier this year. The sketch comedy show is being produced by Sony TV, Comedy Central and Happy Madison and a second season is expected.

“Buying Time” | IMDB

After a lengthy Post Production process the film is nearing completion. Buying Time is a dramatic story of forgiveness and second chances between an estranged father, Nicholas Demus, and his wayward, son Adam.

As a younger man, Nicholas “Nicky” led a fast life in the world of street racing. Untouchable and undefeated, that life finally came crashing down one fateful night in the race of a lifetime. His opponent was the only other undefeated racer in the valley, Ben Destin. Ben had recently quit racing after becoming a Christian and was only lured back behind the wheel by a chance to share his faith with Nicky and the other racers.

The outcome of that race would alter the course of Nicky’s life forever.

Now, Nicky must somehow right the wrongs of his past and prevent them from repeating themselves in the life of his only son. Somehow he must break through the pain and tragedy of their past and buy back the time lost between them…before it’s too late.

Directed by award winning director Mike Cargile the film is completing negotiations for International and Domestic distribution Deal. Buying time is a prequel to 2001 film “Lay it Down.”

“The Open Door” |

The film already completed a foreign distribution deal with Moving Pictures Film & TV. Most recently the film has been sweeping the festival circuit and receiving major praise for the ensemble cast, winning Best Feature Film at the "Dark River" “LA Shriek Fest” and "Horror UK” Film Festivals. The film is close to a domestic TV, DVD and new media distribution deal and should be available soon in the United States.

“Silver Lake Video” | IMDB

Based on true events, Jake plays the wild sidekick of his friend Ben. A regular guy, on the verge of losing his video store and has one day to get a business partner before his lease expires. His day takes a turn for the worse, when his "out of his league" girlfriend leaves a message, proclaiming "We need to talk". With nowhere else to turn for moral support, he opens up a Pandora's Box, when he seeks advice from the local flavor of the neighborhood, Silver Lake. “Silverlake Video” is completing the Film Festival Circuit.

“Gringo Loco” | Facebook | IMDB

Day laborer, Carlos Sotos (Daniel Mora) must discover the truth behind gringo Thomas Phelps (Jake Head) desire to work with illegals. “Gringo Loco” is directed by Renee Balsten in association with Triple Moon Films. Currently, this film has been making its rounds on the film festival circuit both domestically and internationally. Recently winning awards at “Show me Social Justice” and “LA Cinema Festival.” Future festivals include Tiburon International, Wisconsin and Women’s International is Los Angeles.